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Ideas.txt is a game or mod text file defining the national ideas and their effects.

The national ideas are divided in five groups, with six ideas in each group. The definitions of each idea contains one or more exported modifiers who gives the effect of each idea.

naval_ideas = {
    grand_navy = {
        naval_forcelimit_modifier = 0.33
    sea_hawks = {
        navy_tradition = 0.01
    superior_seamanship = {
        naval_morale = 0.5
    naval_fighting_instruction = {
        blockade_efficiency = 0.25
    excellent_shipwrights = {
        leader_naval_manuever = 2
    naval_glory = {
        prestige_from_naval = 0.33    #33% extra prestige  from naval battles

Modding ideas

If you are to add groups or ideas in a group, make sure the name is unique. In addition you will need some graphic representation to go into the gfx folder. Ideas are defined in two files, gfx\interface\ and at the same location. The small file is a copy in half size of the other.

Each idea has a 64*64 pixel image, and they are placed in the same order on the .dds file as the definitions in the text file.