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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Merlin's Graphic Mod
Basic Info
Website thread
Mod version 1.3
Game version All
Mod Type
Mod focus Graphics

Merlin's Graphic Mod is a mod that aims to bring historically accurate flags and uniforms to the game. Additionally, it also contains interface improvements along the same lines. The current version includes:

  • Historically accurate 18th Century uniforms for the following nations:
    • Austria, Bavaria, Britain, France, Hesse, Netherlands, Palatinate, Prussia, Russia, Sweden, Saxony, Wurzburg, Wurtemberg.
  • Historical Advisors from the 18th Century. They are:
    • Philosopher: Voltaire
    • Scientist: Isaac Newton
    • Artist: Franz Joseph Haydn
    • Statesman: Edmund Burke
    • Banker: Alexander Hamilton
    • Naval Advisor: Admiral Thomas Mathews
    • Army Advisor: Peter I The Great
    • Trader: John Wilkinson
    • Religious Advisor: Cardinal Liguori
    • Spymaster: Daniel DeFoe
    • Conquistador: Vitus Bering
    • Diplomatic Advisor: Prince Heinrich of Prussia
  • Historically based flags for the following nations:
    • Alsace, Austria, Brandenburg, England, France, Britain, Germany, Liege, The Netherlands, The Papal States, The Ottoman Empire, Poland, Prussia, Ragusa, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Trier, Tuscany, and Venice
  • New large shield frame (the one on the top left while you play)
  • Edited uniform colors of several minors to reflect more historic patterns. Most of these are in the Holy Roman Empire and Italy.
  • New farm terrain texture.