Midgame Superpower Slice & Dice

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine and Heir to the Throne 4.1b.
Please help update this page to include information on the DW expansion.

Useful for taking down large nations, i.e. Africans, France, England, Ming. Basically an amphibious blitz/peace/repeat.

Research Land 9 for Mauricians (Land Tech 18 in IN/HTTT) against non-European targets or wait for Land 19 (28 in IN/HTTT) Gustavians to minimize effects of France/GB's uber-generals. 1-2 Generals with high maneuver to minimize attrition, attach them to large infantry attack group(s) 10/15k deep. Ready some siege groups for transport nearby (2inf/2cannon) group * 2-3 groups works

The Slice

  • Find a nation itching to be cut in half at 2-4 provinces, one of which has port.
  • Land sufficient troops in attack group(s) to take/hold, land through one port only and knife your way inland to the other side. (2k Gustavian vs Swahili in E. Africa, 30K Gustavian in 2 groups to cut France from Morbihan to Orleans, quite satisfying).
  • Land your siege groups, and bounce your attack group(s) around to protect the siege groups.
  • make peace as soon as possible when sieges are complete and you have sufficient war score.

The Dice

  • Build regimental camps on new provinces during the truce and max them out with infantry and a couple cannons.
  • Pick a half, any half to attack next. Sans capital is probably less defended.

Why it Works

  • Ages old 'divide & conquer'
  • AI potential for reinforcements cut in half, regimental camps provide instant resupply for new leaders/depleted regiments, produce reinforcements at 2x speed, only need to defend one base, while AI must defend 2 fronts
  • AI gets -30% tax income on half its provinces.


  • Italy. Build 2-4 universities beforehand, take the heart of Italy, and never spend $$$ on government research again.
  • Ming, how many trade centers and chinaware/tea provinces that also yield massive manpower.
  • France/England for bragging rights, can take 2 wars just to slice.