Modding Technology Groups

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The effects as described below are contained in the technology.txt file in the common folder. What group each country belongs to at the beginning of each game is defined in the country files in the history folder.

The file include the fields of research at the bottom inside the table bracket.

A table definition looks like this:

 trade_tech = "technologies/trade.txt"

This defines the trade research field, and links it to the definition found in the file listed. The path to the file is relative to the common folder. The file can have any name you want, but it is best to use the research field name to avoid confusion.

A technology group looks like this:

 eastern = {
   modifier = 0.85
   start_level = 3
   cav_to_inf_ratio = 0.6
   slow_limit = 6
  • The modifier indicate how much will cost the technological investments. Western technology groups have a modifier of 1 which mean that each point of research will cost 1 ducat while the new world technology groups who have a modifier of 0.1 will need to invest 10 ducats for each research point. Technology cost also depend of values indicated in the technology table file.

Modifiers also have two others side effects : with a modifier under 0.5 AI of countries will not try to colonize empty provinces. With a modifier under 0.2, countries will not be able to build cavalry regiment or fleets.

  • At the earliest game start defined in the defines.txt, all countries will start at the start_level value in all fields of research. At later date the game will calculate the start level according to it and to techs modifier.
  • cav_to_inf_ratio indicate the maximum percentage of cavalry (in men, not in regiments) you can have in an army, without counting artillery units, before having the cavalry penalty. Eastern countries can have 60% of cavalry, which mean 40% of infantry is needed to escape the penalty.
  • slow_limit. until the tech level indicated, countries of this technology groups will have some reduced costs in their research.

If you create a new technology groups, you'll have to create military units dedicated to this groups. They are all defined in the common\unit folder.

Tech group of a country can be changed via events. Use the "technology_group" command to change a country's tech group:

technology_group = western

This example command changes the country's tech group to western.