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Policies.txt is a file which contains the effects of slider positions within EU3. Each of the eight sliders has a section. Each slider is broken up into a maximum of 5 subsections. Using data from the Centralisation slider the sections are detailed below.

Section 1: Untitled

This section gives the information on quantities that are changed along each slider position.

max_war_exhaustion = -0.4
global_tax_modifier = -0.04

For every position on the left of the centre causes these effects, each to the right has the inverse. Therefore being centralised increases maximum war exhaustion and tax modifier etc.

Section 2: Left Specific

This section is for behaviours that only change left of the centre point.

inflation_reduction = 0.01

Being centralised therefore reduces inflation slightly.

Section 3: Right Specific

As left specific but for right of centre, there are no right only benefits for being decentralised.

Section 4: On Left

This shows the events which can happen if the slider is moved to the left..

10 = 806 # Country Destabilized (-)

The weightings show the frequency of the events relative to each other and then the event ID, which is in this case 806.

Section 5: On Right

As on left but for moving to the right.

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