The EU3 Unlimited Time Mod

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This article is only accurate for EU3, version 1.3.
Please help update this page to include information on the NA, IN, HTTT and DW expansions.

The EU3 Unlimited Time Mod by Seboden

This small tool is a patcher for Europa Universalis III, that will allow you to play the game between 51 AD and 55000 AD (instead of 1453 - 1789). You will however have to make a few other changes to make the game truly playable before or after the original time frame (like changing the average techdates).

To use it just start the EU3_no_time_limit.exe and tell it where to find your eu3game.exe (it is in the EU3 main folder) and click patch.

This tool will create a backup of your original eu3game.exe and name it eu3game.bak. To play the normal game again just delete the newly created eu3game.exe and rename eu3game.bak back to eu3game.exe.

No guarantee is given that your game will work correctly when modified.

Version note

Since the In Nomine expansion, start and end dates are exposed to modders in text files, and this hack is therefore no longer needed.