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Triggered modifiers.txt is a game file that defines all Triggered modifiers. These are country flags which are checked every month. They have some triggers and effects.


 christian_mecca = {
 	potential = {
 		has_discovered = 385	# Mecca
 	trigger = {
 		owns = 385 # Mecca
 		religion_group = Christian
 	prestige = 0.01			#1% more yearly prestige
 	missionaries = 0.5
 	icon = 9

This is a Triggered Modifier and if a Catholic country owns Mecca, it will gain extra 1 missionary/year and gain 1% prestige every year. This structure is very close to the event system. The difference is, there are no options and no mean time to happen section, as the triggered modifier fire as soon as the requirements are meet.

There are two requirements brackets, the potential is the requirement needed so that the triggered modifier appears in the list of available modifiers and the trigger that are the last conditions needed before the modifier fire. The base scope of triggered modifiers is the country scope.

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