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Hi there. I'm Junuxx and I've been a contributor and moderator on the old wiki since 2009. In the past few years I have been one of the most active editors there, for a long time at least checking on the Recent Changes on a daily basis. As of 2012 I have become a somewhat less frequent visitor due to other pressing responsibilities.

I'm also an insomniac, general information junkie and wikipedian, all of which help me in adding some useful content to this wiki once in a while.

Projects and tendencies..

Some of my contribution tendencies:

  • I tend to sort of patrol other people's edits, just to make sure nothing is vandalized and also to correct spelling and stuff. Hope it doesn't annoy/offend people too much.
  • I like categories, good structure and proper wiki syntax, which causes me to make many small edits
  • I prefer discussion on talk pages - and a group effort to improve a poor article - over deletion
  • I also like to give and receive constructive feedback. It motivates me to make this wiki better.
  • Sometimes I just press the 'Random page' button until I see something I can improve. Yeah, I know...

Some of my projects

  • I programmed a bot to parse all of the event files and create wiki articles for them. This is the category of bot pages that still need to be checked/rewritten by a human.
  • I consider Template:Sliderbox one of my best/most significant contributions, but most effort went into zillions of minor changes.
  • I keep a list of typos I find in the game.

List of useful links/pages

Also I'm keeping an eye on certain lists of articles:

I'm also following the RSS feed of Recent Changes.


My user profile on the Paradox Forums You can leave a message there or on my discussion page if you wish to discuss wiki matters.

--Junuxx 17:54, 2 October 2009 (UTC)