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I'm collecting typos in the official game files here.

When I have enough, I'll post a bunch of them on the Bug Reports forum.

First batch

These were posted to the Bug Reports forum on March 11, 2012, and have been included in the 5.2 patch. (thread).

Typos in titles

Typos in descriptions

Inconsistent use

  • Adviser/advisor
  • Defence/defense
  • Castile/Castille. The localisation for CAS is Castille, which is used in most occasions, but two missions, Castilian Relations and Vassalize Navarra use Castile.

Second batch

Posted 20/3/2012, and have been included in the 5.2 patch.

  • "Although to many in the army, especially those that end up dieing due to various things outside battles, the quartermaster seems to do nothing. However[, to] those that understand the complexity of logistics, $QUARTERMASTER$ is a true genius" in $QUARTERMASTER$. Poorly worded in general, misplaced 'although', dieing should be dying, missing words and commas, ... (EVTDESC4117)
  • "delicatessy" in Tempura Introduced (EVTDESC9016)
  • "honourary" in Gift to the State According to wiktionary, this is either a misspelling, archaic or Canadian (EVTDESC5008)
  • "Tales of his abilities have spread far a wide" in $ARMY ORGANISER$ (EVTDESC4115)
  • "The confidence people have [in] $BANKER$ means that we have no shortage of people willing to lend to us" (EVTDESC4105)
  • "Mercenaries around the content have all heard of $COLONEL$, the all know who is the man to work for." in $COLONEL$ (They all know he is..? EVTDESC4103)
  • "our dynasties legitimacy" in $GRAND MARSHAL$ dynasty's (EVTDESC4122)
  • "$PIONEER$ has been [doing?] superb work" in $PIONEER$ (EVTDESC4107)
  • "$TRADER$ is a very proficient merchant, renown for ..." in $TRADER$, should be known or renowned (EVTDESC4032)

Third batch

Not fixed in any patch as of 30/6/2013

  • "Although we are united in the person of our sovereign[,] our nation[']s merchants are still treated as foreigners" in $COUNTRY$ neglected economically. (EVTDESC7003)
  • "Our Right to Sardina" (conquer_sardinia_title in in_nomine_text.csv)
  • "I second monopoly" in (gain_multiple_monopolies_small_desc in in_nomine_text.csv, actually requires 3 monopolies)
  • "Due to the monarchary's failure" in The end of the monarchy (EVTDESC6608)
  • EVTDESC10026;During a[n] ordinarily peaceful...
  • EVTNAME6403;Rel[i]gious enemies

There are probably more, I'll add them to this list when I encounter them (again).