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Vitosha Picture Studio is a Bulgarian art & mod studio established in 2000. Its first PC mod was "Bulgarian Building mod for TTDX", a mod for Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Its second mod was "Bulgarian Building mod for AOE II", for Age of Empires II.

EU3 mods

In February 2009 Vitosha started the project "Nomads", its first attempt at a Europa Universalis III mod. It was followed by "Pax Nomadica" in October 2009, also for EU3. Vitosha's first stand-alone mod, "The Wolves", was released in May 2009. Finally, on July 15th, 2010, was released "The Golden Age" - a stand alone mod with many script features. Vitosha is now working on a sequel to "The Golden Age" entitled "Sky Wolves". All stand-alone mods have been pulled from the website recently since they are not legal.

List of Vitosha mods

  • The Nomads
  • Pax Nomadica - Alpha
  • Pax Nomadica - Gaent
  • Pax Nomadica - Gnome
  • The Wolves
  • Sky Wolf
  • Steppe Wolf
  • Phoenix I, II and III
  • Inner Powers
  • The Golden Age
  • Eastern Tales
  • Eastern Tales: The Hurricane
  • AirotciV (Victoria)