War exhaustion

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

For other uses see: War exhaustion (disambiguation).

War exhaustion is a reflection of the effects of long-term war upon a country, and is handled completely differently based on the version being played.


War exhaustion is affected by the following:

  • Casualties (you can see exactly how much war exhaustion each battle causes you in the battle results window)
  • Attrition (seen on the War exhaustion tooltip)
  • Ruler’s administrative skill (-0.016 per skill point per month)
  • Core provinces occupied
  • Blockades, this includes coastal provinces occupied.
  • War taxes (+0.1 per month)
  • Being at peace reduces War Exhaustion by 0.08 per month.
  • Being Defender of the Faith reduces War Exhaustion by 0.03 a month.
  • The Veterans of Foreign Wars event gives a permanent 0.01 reduction per month.

Attrition will increase war exhaustion even during peacetime. Pirates blockading ports contribute to war exhaustion when at war but have no effect in peace.


War exhaustion has the following effects:

  • Reduced morale (EU3 & NA only)
  • Increased regiment recruitment times (IN only)
  • Increased revolt risk. Provinces with positive revolt risk collect reduced taxes, so indirectly, war exhaustion has a negative effect on income. (IN only)
    • For In Nomine 3.0 and 3.2, revolt risk is increased by 1.0 per point of war exhaustion.
    • Version 3.1 reduces this to 0.5 revolt risk per point of war exhaustion.
    • Back to 1:1 ratio in Divine Wind
  • Increased stability costs by 5% per point


  • There is an event that can cause occupied provinces to secede to the occupier (mean time of 25 years) if the owner has 15+ War Exhaustion, and the occupier has less than 5 War Exhaustion. (IN only)
  • Christian countries in the Eastern Tech Group that have 8 war exhaustion and meet other criteria may take the Liberum Veto national decision which spawns 5 cavalry and 10 infantry.
  • Some missions reduce war exhaustion as a reward.
  • There is a maximum level of war exhaustion for a country (roughly 20, but depending on slider moves and monarch ability); war exhaustion can never get worse than this amount.


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